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Spring 2022. GREEN TEENS is here for you. « Yes, it's right now ! ».

Instead of attending both their final year of high school, and seventh grade, Laurena (17 years) and Florane (12 years) are leaving France to meet young teens throughout the world, in schools connected to nature (Chili, Californie, Inde, France). While being abroad, Laurena will be keeping in touch by skype with a friend back in France, who is getting ready for the French Baccalaureate. Teenagers learn in a different manner, sitting on the grass and not in a classroom, surrounded by trees, and being in touch with who we are. To discover educative structures turned towards benevolence, the relationship to others, the link to nature, and the active listening and exchange with children and teenagers. Here is the essential question for Laurena: will she be able to take the french baccalaureate exams without attending regular classes, how does that work? How does Florane grow up from childhood to adolescence? Being shy and creative, we discover her paintings like her emotions, mirror game with the documentary reality.

You can find us on the blog for our various news (articles, photos, videos). Editing achieved in june 2020. Post-production achieved in june 2021. Length of the movie : 107'. Diffusion in 2022/23. Our crowdfunding campaign on ULULE achieved in july 2016. We were lucky to obtain different sources of funding from wonderful partners and institutions who committed themselves by our side because the stakes of our teenagers education is of the utmost importance. 

« I   H A V E   A  D R E A M… »

As Martin Luther King said « I have a dream »:

The dream of world where everyone could grow up happy, in an atmosphere of joy and confidence…

A world where everyone would be accepted with their uniqueness and blossom with all their talents.
A more altruistic and cooperative world that would respect the living, nature and the being.

Convinced that a change in education is urgent for this new world to emerge, we have decided - Florane (12 years old), Laurena (16 years old) and I, their mother- to take this big step by leaving to explore a new world of educational possibilities existing throughout the world. We will be creating a documentary with all of our discoveries that we will share with you. In order to have complete freedom of tone and action, we would like this film to be independent, and we are inviting you to participate in the Green Teens adventure. Are you ready to join us?


« Nothing great is achieved without inflated expectations » Jules Verne


They are going to Chili, California and India....

To discover educative structures turned towards benevolence, the relationship to others, the link to nature, and the active listening and exchange with children and teenagers. These structures are surrounded by nature, in order to feel connected to it and connected to their bodies. The teachers are giving both emotional and relational intelligence tools. Here, the students are inspired to become the actor of their own education, author of their lives and citizens of the world. Here is the essential question: Taking the french baccalaureate exams without attending « regular » classes, how does that work? Is it even possible? How to get yourself ready while meeting those who learn in a really different manner?


                                                                                          Escuela Agroecologica, Chile        


T H E   L E A R N I N G   P L A C E S   O F   T H E   2 1 S T   C E N T U R Y  


- Fundacion Origen and la Escuela Agroecologica  in Santiago de Chile (an agro-ecological high school, existing since 1991) where teenagers learn how to take care of animals, cultivate the land, meditate and learn how to develop a compassionate relationship towards others.



- Tara School, near San-Fransisco (grammar-school, existing since 1993) where children learn how to get in touch with their interior resources, nourishing their thoughts and positive emotions, experimenting benevolence to themselves and others on a daily basis. 



- Prakriya Green Wisdom School and Bhoomi College, in the Bangalore region, India (middle school and high school, existing since 1999) where children and teenagers evolve in mixed-age classes, learn from nature and develop their inner ecology.



These places share a common vision: respecting the land, taking care of life, cultivating kindness and caring from the heart. 

And, in France, which pioneer structure - attentive to teenagers - is opening its doors at the end of our international trip? For two years now, new types of schools are emerging all across the country.. They are called « democratic schools ». We are going to follow their evolution… 


N O T E  OF  I N T E N T I O N

Laurena and Florane are leaving to meet young people of their age throughout the world:

How do these teenagers grow in these atypical structures? How do they commit themselves afterwards? How do these structures actually work? Who are the great founders of these inspiring schools? How can we inspire ourselves from these places back in France? And, what kind of message do we hand down to the young to connect themselves with nature?

While being away, Laurena will be keeping in touch with her friends back in France, who are getting ready for the French Baccalaureate, in the French manner. Altogether, they will exchange on what they learn, how things are going for all of them. 

We will be following our two explorers through their teenage life, and close attention will be kept  to their emotions. All along their experience, Laurena and Florane will be using a blog. This blog will be like "a diary": it will be illustrated with pictures, drawings, comments and maxims, it will playful and lively! 

The film will be composed of short scenes showing our two explorers, young teenagers drawing, writing, playing an instrument, creating a tool, or giving a gift… We will create a puzzle of scenes from everyday life. We want to show their happiness, their talents and their thirst of learning. 

The film will be rhythmed by moments of actions, and moments of experience. We want it to be like a research laboratory, and OUR RESEARCHERS ARE TEENAGERS!!

This documentary is about showing that other educational alternatives and systems are possible. That we can learn in a different manner, not sitting in class, but sitting on the grass, surrounded by trees. It is about showing that natural cycles, curiosity, experience, and being in touch with who we are is a great experience for the young. 

Green Teens will offer different point of views and testimonies from all around the world. We want this documentary to be joyful, serene, enthusiast and contemplative.

There will be premieres in different cities in France, Switzerland, Belgium during which there will be given some time to exchange on the different possibilities of education our teenagers actually have.


M A R I N E   L O C A T E L L I


Director of Green Teens, youth author and scriptwriter since 1993 ("Kirikou et les Bêtes Sauvages" with Michel Ocelot, T’choupi "Le mystère des jouets" feature film and the animation series, Les P’tites Poules, Papyrus, Boule et Bill, Cédric; Marsupilamis…). She grew up with classical, modern and contemporary dancing, followed by communication studies at l’Institut Universitaire Technologique of Grenoble and l’Ecole des Gobelins in Paris, in the scenario section. She practices mindful meditation and yoga.

Facing the observation of an educational system overwhelmed by the challenges of its time, competitiveness that discourages or even excludes many young people, she has decided to act as an engaged mother and to do her part passing on to children, teenagers, parents and teachers benevolent practices of meditation and tools of emotional and interpersonal intelligence, positive psychology, yoga, creativity and..fantasy!

She has co-founded in 2013 until 2016 to develop programs of mindfulness in schools, with families, teachers. In 2013, she joined the Printemps de l’Education movement with Antonella Verdiani and participated in events around education. She also published books around benevolent education and mindfulness.


« D'enfer la voix, un numéro étonnant pour éclairer ta vie » , Bookelis march 2020, novel for teens. 

« Heureux et détendu », with the benevolent heroes Shamata and Soham, for the whole family, Publisher Nathan 2015. EDEBE (Spain and South America, 2017), Women's Publishing House (Viet Nam, 2018). Illustrated book like a comic. 2019, new edition.

« Mon cahier recréatif Méditation », from 6 years old, Publisher Eyrolles 2015.

« The Butterfly Book » (English App, Publisher La Souris qui raconte) 2014. A english book like a short and poetic cartoon movie.


Graduated from Reims Management School and Paris Dauphine University (Master's degree "Management of cultural organizations"). After quite a "classical" career in business and in cultural administration, Blandine decided in 2012 to embark on a new life path, bringing a change in France by promoting a life-centered and holistic education. Thus, she co-founded the Spring of Education ( in May 2012 in France, helped create a network of change-makers in education and supported the associations development for over 3 years (communication, social network, annual, events). In 2015, she coordinated the editing of a book for parents and educators ( "I believe in you") and since then, she have supported many French independent documentaries on education (from crowdfunding to hosting projections) : "The Child is the guide", "The Childhood tree"...

As she is quite committed with teenagers' education, she has been supporting Green Teens documentary since April 2016, particularly for crowdfunding and communication aspects.

She will be present throughout Green Teens shooting alongside Marine Locatelli and hers daughters to provide with logistical support.





Thorsten Kunisch is chief operator and filmmaker (documentaries and promotional or institutional videos). Graduated from a Master's degree "Culture Media - Movies and Television" and a degree in Pedagogy (Germany), he has been practising for 10 years in France. He is co-founder of ADHOC collective which sets up the "Adhoc meetings" and offers an independent documentary films forum.

Within the association "Toiles Filantes Productions", co-founded in 2006, he set up the artistic and educational project "Creating a film together" (short film produced by children and teenagers). The first edition was awarded Laurier 2011 by the Fondation de France and 1st Prize ex aequo DDEN of the General Council.

Cameraman of documentary films, including "Quels enfants laisserons-nous à la planète?" by Anne Barth, a film about the Colibri school (peace and cooperative education) ; "Du Paysage au Pays Sage" by Patrick Viron, "No Gazaran" by Doris Buttignol ...
Throughout his projects, Nature and human beings, especially children and teenagers, are the core of his approach. As a father, he has chosen to provide his eldest (5 years) with Montessori schooling and is active in his children's education. Becoming Green Teens' chief operator is quite an obvious choice to him.




GREEN TEENS, it is with you that we can produce this independent documentary.

The total film budget is of 150 000 euros. We were lucky to obtain different sources of funding from wonderful partners and sponsorship who committed themselves by our side because the stakes of our teenagers education is of the utmost importance. 

Postproduction achieved in june 2021. Diffusion in festivals and cinemas in 2022.

Thank you for joining us now, for participating in this adventure of education, and to talk about it around you with the same enthusiasm as ours.

A great thank to all ours contributors : Véronique Achaintre, Delphine Albenque, Melisa Alves, Daniel Ariey-Jouglard, Myriam Ariey-Jouglard, Rachel Ariey-Jouglard, Fanny Becigneul, Hélène et Stéphane Begnis, Jean-François Belmonte, Laurent Benichou, Audrey Bernard, Laetitia Bernardin, Sabrina Berthoud, Emilie Bertin, Pascale Bertrand-Puthiers, Elise Bessac, Pascale Bidoli, Raphaelle Blanc, Franck Blot, Isabelle Boudier, Carole Boulanger, Carole Bonhouvrier, Malika Bouquety, Michaël Boutin, Michel Braidotti, Nicolas Brière, Carmen Brière, Bénédicte Brionne, Jean-Marie Brodu, Pascale Brun, Dominique Butet, Doris Buttignol, Aline Cardon, Marie Carion, Cyrielle Chalbos, Marielle Chauwin, Alexandre Coissard, Emilie Combebiac, Catherine Cordelier, Cécile Cougard,  Marie Laure Crochard, Catherine Cuenca, Marine Dagorn, Marjorie Danna, Thomas de Calatay, Pauline de Mortain, Marie Dalmasso, Patrick Defauw, Camille Dehu, Alain Delacour, Michel Delay, Olivia Delmas, Gauthier Delmas, Debra Delmas, Lucile Delmaso, Magali Delteil,  Aurélie Dietz, Françoise Di Foggia, Aurore Dodson, Anaïs Dondez, Jean-Paul Donnen, Gaétan Donnet, Marie Doyeux, Mathilde Dreyfus, Simon Drolet, Gabrielle Dibe, Anne-Sophie Dubanton, Paul Duchateau, Françoise Duchateau, Emmanuel Dufour, Marion Dupoux, Stéphanie Dussurgey, EDUKA 3000, Chantal Eykens, Ingrid Fauchilles, Gladys Fiault, Sophie Faure, Sylvain Florenson, Nadine Fontaine, Daniel Fortin, Linda Gandolfi, Vera Gardel, Cécile Gassan, Arnaud Gauthier, Arthur Gauthier, Chloé Gauthier, Danielle Gauthier, Marcel Gauthier, Marie-Annick Gauthier, Romain Gauthier, Roland Gérard, Anne Ghesquière, Sandra Gimard, Guillaume Gimenez, Philippe Godeberge, Ines Goncalves, Laurence Goutelle, Guillaume Grandmougin, Marine Graux, Valérie Grenon, Gaëlle Grosjean, Virginie Goussu, Pierre-André Jeannin, Lola Landret, Véronique Iaconis, Edouard Janssen, Fabienne Jany, Anne Jouanjean, Savory Koychao, Valérie Kuoch, Audrey Lachapelle, Véronique Laget, Elise Langer, Aurélia Lanson, Alexandre Largier, Karine Le Goaziou, Kevin Le Grand, Catherine Lecante, Françoise Lecante, Marie-Odile Lecante, Philippe Lecante, Thomas Lecante, Adrien Lecomte, Christine Lefevre, Les Graines de Sens,  Marc Loiseau, Julie Longueville, Sylvaine Lopes, Florie Lozivit, Maryse Magan, Patrice Magnard, Augustin Maillard, Geoffroy Maincent, Christian Martin, Nathalie Martinez Paris, Guy Massa, Maïté Massart, Marie-Elizabeth Maury, Jessica Mazars, Karine Mazevet, Claire Jozan-Meisel, Florence Mires, Chloé Monin, Lise Montcalm, Anne Moreau, Ghislaine Morisson, Chloé Mounier, Sylvie Moyroud, Anne-Marie Nadiras, Perrine et Matthieu Papillard, Catherine Paquemar, Nicole Parisi, Thierry Parisi, Catherine Pendelliau, Thibaut Perol, Nicolas Phillibert, Jean Pichinoty, Caroline Picq, Myriam Pierrot, Carole Piette, Nadine Piot, Carole Plessis, Rollon Poinsot, Anna Proost, Ysabelle Proulx, Virginie et Alain Puzenat, Olivier Raizer, Danielle Rapoport, Olivier Raurich, Aurélie Raymond, Sophie Raynal, Patrick Régnard, Catherine Rivalant, Sylvain Rodriguez, Patrick Romieu, Ariane Roques, Jean-Baptiste Rude, Elisabeth Santarelli, Florence Saunier, Nicole Schwab, Dolize Sidambarom, Sylvie Sieg, Marine Simon, Rodolphe Sinimale, Sandra Soubeyrat, Ngolen Srun, Eric Stieffatre, Jean-Marc Terrel, Laurent Thery, Florence Thibault, Anne-Marie Tholi, Sophie Tran, Thi Phuong Trang Trinh, Bruno et Elisabeth Vaesken, Isabelle Van de Wouwer, Pierre Varinard, Antonella Verdiani, Marie Verries-Majurel, Philippe Viard, Hélène Walter, Sabine Weber, Julie Wetterwald, Brigitte Zizard.


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