They are supporting green teens

GUNTER PAULI, Founder de ZERI et du concept de la Blue Economy 

The young have dreams. They think they are reality. Parents think that these dreams are a fantasy. The young know that today’s world is not an image of their dreams: wars, pollution and intolerance. The day has come that our young generation is now ready to embrace their freedom, to imagine their own future, surpassing the dreams and the realities of their parents. It’s the reason why I hold Marine’s initiative GREEN TEENS close to heart, because she’s creating a documentary for students all over the world to inspire us with their clear vision, enthusiasm, and positiveness about their future.

ANNE GHESQUIERE, Founder of the French magazine FémininBio and Edition Director at Editions Eyrolles 

I am supporting Green Teens project because education needs a fresh start to prepare the young to the challenges of their time. I am confident in Marine Locatelli’s abilities to see through this ambitious project and this passionating experience with her daughters and the young from all around the world.
Good luck to the Green Teens. Open wide your wings because you future awaits. 

ANTONELLA VERDIANI, Doctor in the sciences of education, co-founder of Le Printemps de l’Education

This project, I find it fabulous, but be careful..there’s a big risk: that both Laurena and Florane won’t come back to France and decide to continue their globe-trotter trip! Because once you have met other peoples and ways of life, your way of thinking, your life vision does not remain the same! 

It is a wonderful story to do this at 16 or 17 years old, even better during the French Baccalaureate year. There are chances that this exam, often dreaded by students, will become a memorable moment, a sort of initiation.

The green landscapes that will be shown under their eyes, the languages with different sonorities, the smiles of the young Indians, Balinese, Chileans and Americans, their existence, so different from ours are going to take the form of fantastic images in their respective memories..

There will be chances that they will doubt, at some point in their lives « was it a dream? did I really live this? »

Thankfully, this film is here to show that the dream is real. To tell us that the solutions to educate ourselves differently, by the contact of the living, the practice of benevolence, and sharing the love of life at school exists today. Not only in the U.S.A, in India or in Bali, but even closer to our homes: they are creating themselves, fresh , beautiful and new to tell us that, yes, another world is already there. 

OLIVIER RAURICH, Author and lecturer in Physical Science at university

Finding serenity and joy within ourselves, the commitment and the responsibility of the world.. It’s the essential! And for that to happen, it’s above all a question of education.

Green Teens Project falls within a dynamic approach promoting an education of serenity, benevolence, the most capable of giving a breath of hope and revival that the young don’t have, as victims of social and educational structures that are oppressive.

Support this project, and follow it, it will give us a momentum of inspiration that we all need for our lives to become a dance at all instants…



President of the Green Teens Cooperation, Teacher in earth and life sciences

I have been teaching with joy earth and life sciences in middle school and high school for 18 years. Being an awakener of life, to understand it better, respect it and protecting it: here is truly what is animating me.

Can we really feel life while sitting in class? How can we learn how to truly know it from the inside? With all our senses awakened? To the point of being overwhelmed? Overwhelmed by its mystery, by its fragility, its force? Are we really the « existence professors » as would say Jean Onimus?

It appears to me that in class, sadly, we are just touching on it. So, let’s explode the walls of the earth and life sciences classes: let’s go on an adventure, in contact with life, let’s go discover all the diversity and the treasures of nature, with « real things » moving, breathing, and living!! We should give to the young the true desire of being curious so they can open up to their environment, go on an exploration to discover this immense world in order to understand it, so they can become ambassadors full of respect and benevolence to respect it better and also respect one another. 

Let Green Teens give the young all the strength and the faith in projects that elevate their hearts and their souls towards mindfulness and humanity. Let’s take action, engaging ourselves altogether for a more fraternal and human world. Go ahead, dear young, to whom I dedicate all the sense of my vocation.


HELENE BEGNIS, physical science teacher (Ottawa)                               

I am a mother of 3 children aged 13, 10 and 3 years old. I have been teaching Physical Science in middle school for more than 15 years. I am also currently studying neurosciences; it gives me many tools in the understanding of the teenager’s brain. It has changed my way of teaching, and also the relationship I have with my students.

I am really paying close attention to their well-being, and the necessity to work with them in confidence. The results of my readings and my reflexions has allowed me, with the confidence of my direction, to put into place a project of experimental classes in the middle school where I teach for the improvement of well-being in class, and the knowing our ourselves, and also the management of emotions. 

What fills me with enthusiasm in Green Teens is this energy to go and look for solutions throughout the world, it’s the booming message of hope for children and teenagers of today. It is possible to learn otherwise, it exists elsewhere. It is also possible to learn other things. 

I am supporting Green Teens because I think that it is necessary to be conscious of the importance to become an actor of our own education. The essential is currently missing in our educational programs: give the possibility to a teenager to understand how their brain works, giving them tools (such as yoga,  meditation, sophrology,..) to manage their emotions and their stress at school but also to help them improve their attention in class and their memorization to facilitate learning… In short, tools to improve their well-being in their relationships with their relatives and tools to learn how to learn coming from neurosciences. 


PASCALE BRUN, mathematics teacher (Condrieu)

Professor of mathematics in middle school for more than 20 years, I am also a mother of two young men of 22 and 24 years old. It is through them that I realized that school needed change. As I was teaching, I had the feeling to see children coming from elementary school loosing their enthusiasm, their spontaneousness and their joy of learning. I was also witnessing more and more violence around me. I had the feeling that I was just passing on maths but not the essential. I was also seeing my joy of teaching fading away.

What animates me is to accompany teenagers to grow on all aspects of their lives, to know themselves as humans before students, listening to themselves, being more conscious of what they are experimenting, and also to help them discover that they have more power than they think on what they’re living, that they are greater than what middle school shows them. It is accompanying them to become more responsible and actors of their lives, and kind towards themselves and others. 

Throughout the years, I’ve put into place different projects: classes with environmental projects, a workshop called « Acting Differently » to learn how to know themselves better, recognize their emotions and communicate otherwise, a series of workshops for dyslexics, these different children who need to build their confidence in their gifts, and workshops around meditation and mindfulness. 

It seems to me that this Green Teens project answers exactly my quest for teenagers and I feel, deep inside of me, that it can have an impact on today’s school, and maybe it will allow, for example, the emergence of other ways of Being Teachers and Being Students.